Pathways is Proud to Offer The Listening Program


What is The Listening Program?

The Listening Program®(TLP) is a music listening method, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.

Used and trusted by hundreds of thousands of people in over 35 countries, TLP is offered through our international network of trained providers.

TLP has global effects on the brain, and is commonly used to support changes in a wide range of brain performance areas:

  • Executive Function
  • Communication
  • Auditory Processing
  • Social & Emotional Function
  • Stress Response
  • Motor Coordination
  • Creativity

The Vision

You might ask just what is sound brain fitness? Well, sound brain fitness reflects the idea that brain performance can be maintained or improved by engaging in healthy sound practices. This is not unlike the understanding that physical fitness is improved through exercising the body. One such practice is The Listening Program®. TLP involves listening to acoustically-modified instrumental music through high-quality headphones, or our Waves™ multi-sensory audio system to reduce stress, improve focus, self-regulation, learning, memory, and more.

TLP can benefit most anyone, and applications are wide ranging, from rehabilitation, to wellness and peak performance; in settings ranging from schools, hospitals, therapy clinics, assisted living facilities, companies, athletic and music programs, in homes, and on military bases.


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