Pathways Research Center

Garden City, Kansas

Kristi Schmitt

Owner/ CEO Gravity Wellness Center

Executive Director of Pathways Research Center - Garden City, KS

Kristi Schmitt, Certified Nurse Practitioner is the owner of Southwest Kansas based Gravity Wellness Center.  With over 30 years of experience in the medical field, she is passionate about serving others and promoting total health.  Maj Kristi Schmitt, is a medical provider in the United States Army and has spent the past 10 years assisting with medical readiness, pre-deployment physicals and post-deployment health assessments and follow-up.  She was also trained as a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and developed a program in Kansas for those in the western half of the state which broadened care to victims of abuse.  With her experience in the military with Veterans and with those experiencing abusive situations, Kristi found flotation therapy as an amazing way to promote further health in her patients.  Gravity Wellness Center will be a Floataway Center of Excellence, and offer the Floataround Pools used for Veteran research in Tulsa, OK.

Veteran Research Studies

We are looking for a group of veterans who are willing to fully participate in an 8-week research study using the latest and most advanced alternative healing modalities at Gravity Wellness Center. Your participation and results have the potential to positively impact tens of thousands of veterans. The purpose of these research trials are to provide Pathways and Gravity Wellness Center real time Intel regarding the benefits of flotation, in conjunction with RestStation™ therapy, in reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. These symptoms are considered to be underlying causes of the larger diagnosis commonly known as PTSD.  We are reaching out to Garden City, Kansas area veterans, who currently receive their VA medical benefits, for their opinion and recommendations based on their own flotation and RestStation™ experiences.