"Our problems are due to faulty thought patterns in our mind. The only true form of reality is to change our heart and mind. Once that has occurred, we will gravitate back to our authentic self with our creator and our natural state of health, wealth and happiness."

Our Mission

Pathways 2 Purpose is dedicated to healing the emotional and spiritual wounds of war. Pathways 2 Purpose create a safe environment where all veterans can experience being heard. They are then given the tools to repurpose themselves in mind, body and spirit.


Our Vision

To provide a pathway for our veteran and his or her family to find new purpose through service to their community and country.


Our Goal

To create 165 locations throughout the world by 2020.


Meet the Team

Program Development

Gary Ferguson

Founder/ CEO/ Visionary

Men's Head Life Coach and Curriculum Team Leader


Gary Ferguson, a 100% disabled veteran, is the sole owner of Pathways 2 Purpose. Gary created Pathways 2 Purpose to support local businesses who want to support veterans. Read his full story here.

Alex Doman

CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies

Alex Doman has focused his career on sound, music, and technology and their capacity to improve brain health and performance. Alex heads product development for the company. His credits include co-producer of Music for Healing at the Speed of Sound™, Music for Babies™, executive producer, creator, or collaborator on more than 50 other music albums, products, and technologies including; Spaital Surround®, Sound Health®, Music for the Mind™, BrainBuilder®, The Listening Program®, and TLP Online™.

Doman is co-author of the bestselling Healing at the Speed of Sound®. He has written for Autism Asperger’s Digest Magazine, SI Focus Magazine, and the foreword to I Believe In You. His blog The Brain Understanding Itself is featured in Alltop Neuroscience, and he has been a guest blogger for sites including blogs.com.

Interviews include; NBC, MSNBC, NPR Marketplace, Wall Street Journal, Self, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, CBS Moneywatch.com, LiveStrong.com, Health Radio with Dr. Mike Roizen, Dennis Prager, Pia Lindstrom Presents, Blog Talk Radio, An Organic Conversation, ADHD Family Online, BrainPages.net, among others.

Len Ochs, Ph.D.


Director of Clinical Trials and Pilot Studies

Len Ochs is a clinical neuropsychophysiologist with over forty years experience as a psychologist, 30 years' experience in behavioral medicine, and 25 years of involvement in the development of computerized biofeedback instrumentation.  With a Ph.D. in social psychology and extensive formal clinical and school psychology training, he has been nationally recognized for the pioneering contributions he has made to computerized biofeedback and school psychology.  He has also served two terms as president of the Biofeedback Society of New York.  A computerized biofeedback system he developed in 1978 has toured the US as part of the APA exhibit on the brain and is now housed at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  Perhaps he is most proud of his work merging agencies that had been previously unmergable because of many emotional issues that prevented the from working closely together.

He has also developed a unique view of how to work with feelings, manage difficult ones, as well as develop an idea of the significance of feelings.  His current work explores the interaction of EEG activity and advanced treatment planning for neurofeedback.  He currently investigates new treatments for psychological and mechanical nervous system trauma, and develops new ways to use EEG data to visualize brain activity.  In October of 2014 he was awarded the Joel F. Lubar award for his pioneering contributions to neurofeedback by the ISNR.

Debbie DiManno, BA

DebbieCorporate Liaison Director

Debbie DiManno has spent the last 30 years working in Western medicine. In dealing with her own extreme health issues, it was clear to her that Western medicine does not have all the answers. Debbie understood that much of her mystery illnesses were only to be healed by looking within. Debbie's biography became her new biology and she was the only one that was ultimately responsible for her own health and well-being.

Through her own experiences and witnessing healing in others, Debbie has come to absolutely believe that we all have the potential to change and heal our own lives in ways that will create more freedom, aliveness and vitality; therefore increasing our effectiveness and impact on the entire planet!

Debbie knows that everyone can use the tools of mindfulness and create positive turning points that will then become positive tipping points giving rise to greater love, joy, connection, wealth, health and harmony…

Certified Coaches

John Cordas, Ph.D.

Jon_Cordas_bioHead Coach VIA Survey and Curriculum Development Team Member

Transitioning from an organizational consulting career to strategic planning at Pathways has provided a greater sense of meaning and purpose as I live my life in service to others.

With a Ph.D. in psychology and a Masters in sociology, I spent over thirty years worked as a consultant with clients such as the FAA, NASA, the Department of Veterans Affairs, Intel, Lockheed and General Dynamics. I helped these organizations innovate and collaborate more effectively. In addition to working with great people and great companies, I found much personal satisfaction teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in organizational leadership.

While I enjoyed helping people work together more effectively, I found a new level and clarity of purpose and meaning working in service to veterans at Pathways. I find profound satisfaction every day as I engage my passion for focusing convergences of extraordinary people with resonant values and vision.

Yuli Rodriguez, MS

yuliWomen's Life Coach and Curriculum Development Team Member

Yuli has a Master’s in Science degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Organizational Development and has been a psychology professor at Folsom Lake College since 2005. She has also worked extensively in providing phone crisis counseling services through a suicide prevention center and a domestic violence shelter in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her lifelong desire to make a difference in the lives of others has also led her to pursue a career in life coaching receiving certifications in a variety of modalities. She brings her passion for helping others along with her years of curriculum development to Pathways where she has been integral in implementing the life coaching program tailored specifically for our veteran community. She has a deep and personal understanding for the struggles of our veterans through her work with veteran students at Folsom Lake College and also as a wife to a war veteran.


Melanie Reagan

President, Colonel Renee Rubin Private Veterans Foundation

Melanie Reagan has volunteered for Veterans support organizations since 2003. In 2018 she became president of the Colonel Renee Rubin Private Veterans Foundation, to support worthy impactful programs that best serve the needs of America’s veterans. The foundation proudly selected: Operation Good to Go, 4 Paws 2 Freedom, the Colonel’s Kennels, and Pathways for Veterans to expand and enhance their missions.

Melanie is currently employed by the California State Senate. Prior to her move to the State Legislature she spent more than 20 years in radio and TV broadcasting, winning a Telly Award for script-writing and recently publishing her first book.

Two of Melanie’s three children graduated from military academies, West Point and the U.S. Air Force Academy and are actively serving.

Melanie is also a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and a certified instructor. Her latest personal project is a motion picture about the incredible life of Colonel Rubin (now 89), who’s inspiring career led to the launch of her foundation.

Cindy Baldwin

aletagibsonSecretary, Colonel Renee Rubin Private Veterans Foundation

Cindy Baldwin has made it her mission in life to advocate for those in need. Cindy has been employed with the California State Senate on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee for the past twenty years. Working with California’s Veteran Constituency. Over the years Cindy heard many stories of veterans struggling with such issues as navigating through the VA system, PTSD, suicide, sexual military trauma and a many other struggles. Cindy felt herself wanting to do more for our veterans.

Then in 2006 Cindy’s husband committed suicide. Cindy having firsthand experience of the aftermath of such a loss she has made it her mission in life to advocate and educate those in similar circumstances.

In 2007 Cindy volunteered with the CASA Program (Court Appointed Special Advocate of Placer County) in which she advocated for foster youth – children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned and are living in out-of-home placements. She acted as the “eyes and ears of the judge and the voice of the child.” She was a Family Mentor with CASA of Placer County as well she mentored to parents who have had children removed from their homes because of abuse or neglect. As a Family Mentor she visited the home of the parent each week and helped the parent develop a variety of life skills surrounding health, nutrition, budgeting, organization, home care, education, career, and job search, to name but a few. As Cindy witnessed the success of the CASA program it became her dream to do something similar for veterans.

Currently Cindy sits on the board of the Colonel Renee Rubin Private Veterans Foundation and serves as Secretary. Cindy works closely with Melanie Reagan, President in fulfilling the Colonel’s passion to support veterans and save dogs. Connecting a veteran with a dog to help foster a successful transition back to civilian life.

Cindy also serves as a Sacramento County Veterans Treatment Court mentor. She feels honored to be a part of something that was a dream of hers many years ago.

Cindy’s is the proud daughter of a WWII Navy veteran. She’s a mother of two adult children and when Cindy is not helping others you will find her on a yoga mat teaching and promoting health and wellness.